Top syd turvye

by Alpine Those Myriads

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released October 31, 2014

Production & mixing:
Gypus Chelofan

Carl Saff

Gypus Chelofan



all rights reserved


Alpine Those Myriads Norway

We play music that we call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. We´re known for our Avant-garde expeditions, our tragedy & surreal humor, our hefty contrasts and the odd dash of singable melodies.

The people involved are head honcho Gypus Chelofan and electronic wizard Addo Tesla. We´re currently living in Oslo, Norway.
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Track Name: Doublessence
Sitting still and pushing air.
You´re searching.
You're seizing the movement.
Antsy breast gulping big.

Snap the day and start the race to somewhere.
You're musing for something.
Fuming mind shoots beyond.

Whack! Right on the dome.
Crack! It is here.

You´ve got to deal with your chaos now that you´re drinking from the seat.
Brace yourself for full impact ´cause it´s about to blow yr being wrong side out and show you something.
Mind-soup swirls beneath, born at kickoff, with its own time.
Unseen life below, now in focus, messing you up.

Shut down!

You have caught the turbid deep.

Heal your soul brave child.
You have seen much.
Track Name: Amen, right now!
The graceful vase with his zest cracks somewhere in time.
The little heart that remains crumbles up and rots.

He´s made a choice.
He´s giving up, stopping time.
He will live, yet not.

The cancelled boy sits and stare. He has drowned inside.
Disturbing winds blow below as the pain swirls up and chokes the boy.

The godless soul hits the floor in a last attempt:
Amen, right now!
Track Name: Mind the mindbend
All the pain the world has witnessed burns in you.
This ordeal it blurs your life and slaps your truth.

And your gone.
Passed out.
Brave child.

Brain on high is melting, crashing and it´s dim.
“Living on, yet not” you fool, it´s on or off.

Either way,
you fear
your choice.

Stay with the mess.
Your soul is at risk as reality flips and your life fractures.

Hold what is left.
Don´t you get lost as you see your shadow and the breath that´s beneath.

Mind the mindbend.
Mind the mindbend.

It feels like the turmoil is set in stone.
I´m grabbing a gun if it gets too wild.
The world found beneath I could never see, but now I see.
I´m trying to part, but it pulls me down.

Where´s my name?
Now I fade.
Am I dead?
Can I live?
Now I try.

Show me a way, a road back to life and to co-exist with the wild world found below.
Track Name: Croon into the light
Seven years was the key.
After dark there comes light.
Mind your shade – it lives on.
Now you must rule the balance.

Musing for hidden hues.
It´s a must, but it can kill.
This you know as you bloom.
Breathe afresh child, croon ´to the light.