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“Alpine Those Myriads‘s kaleidoscopic, hypnagogic invasion has left me astounded.” - SPREAD

“Some experiences go beyond music and become something more.” - Badsoundsmagazine


Production & mixing:
Gypus Chelofan

Carl Saff

Kristina Åkre


released January 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Alpine Those Myriads Norway

We play music that we call kaleidoscopic music for the open-minded. We´re known for our Avant-garde expeditions, our tragedy & surreal humor, our hefty contrasts and the odd dash of singable melodies.

The people involved are head honcho Gypus Chelofan and electronic wizard Addo Tesla. We´re currently living in Oslo, Norway.
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Track Name: Hail to the fight
Always hustling, always dealing in my head
There's a battle, there's an evil in my veins
Have a puzzle, have an error in my heart
There´s a ritual, there´s a potion for my song…

…for my head…for my veins…for my heart…for my song…

Waking in, downhill climb
This is my blues in time
Hail to the fight!
Track Name: Head wounds
I made a door
I got inside

I fell in deep
I fooled around

I launched and I shot to space
I flew and I lost my way
Deep treks that are useless
Head wounds that may never heal

I poked the frame
I broke on through

I saw a bulb
I blew its fuse

I sailed and I hit a rock
I dove and I lost my air
Sub tours that are worthless
Head wounds that may never heal

I try to cope with my head wounds
Track Name: Dingy heart
Like a cock in a cage
You implode to a blank
You sink in!

A smile that´s sad is put on
You undress to a clown
You fall funny!

See those lustrous eyes?
Don´t stare them into being
Ignite your dingy heart

Is this what you´ve become?
A smiling lost depressive
You´re human and need love
A fact of life

Like a peacock´s mighty plumage
You´ll untangle to a beauty
Track Name: Subessethereal
Ahhh…now I head into the flight
Watch as I flex without a move
Laugh as I sport my Kaufmanian gaze
Flake in his shrine exploring heights

In this stream fear is none
Eyes have flown God has come
Such a ball church lies here
Catch the catch reap with care

I live for this…

Strike the mind and let it sing to the…
Strike the mind and let it sing to the hands
Track Name: W.G.
Will you bare your tricks? Can they nail your kicks?
You´re the veiled beast - will you feast hard?
We can´t do much - we try…oh why?
I´m scared!
Track Name: Jeopardous
Knife, wrist, once more…
Gauze, gash, once more…

I brought a smile to your face
I licked your recent attempt
Right there I ended your loop
I´m a clown

Your man peed on the floor
Sick boy marking his world
You said he beat you and worse shit
Hope you´re ´round

Hope he´s turned around, I hope you´re still around, I hope he´s turned around…

I am changing your cycle, I am changing his cycle from afar, I am changing your cycle, I am changing his cycle from afar
Track Name: Hell is in this well
Torture in all
I have quit me

Pinch flesh
Bang head
Chase light
Choose him?
Taste time
Cut hand
It´s warm
It´s cold

Have I quit me?

Give me that pill that mysterious kill
Pull this clown from his stuporous drown
I´m crucified and God´s not replied
There´s hell in this well and it deadens my yell

Strap my limbs
Lock away my wrists
Crack my skull
Then take out the trash
Hell is in this well

Hell is in all
Track Name: Gabrien Chronic & the Malady Bees
A vexing enigma
A detailed tough devil, but…

You´re the one
You´re the grand designer

You´re the sting
You´re my thing

I beat you till stillness
I yearn for your lessening, still…

You´re the one
You´re my life commitment

You´re the sting
You´re my thing

Pain, then rest
Rest, then pain
Chronic cycle

Pain, then rest
Rest, then pain
Life long journey

until death do us in
until you do me in
until death do us in
until you do me in

I see the world and its usual beat
My days are different, is that ok?
A promise I can´t make or keep
I´m truly sorry, I hope you stay…

There are others with my malady
We care for it like a spouse
We sing this stubborn balladry
A hoping chant in our haunted house

I kneel for you
I give my pledge
You´re my best fiend
Ad vitam
Track Name: Memorandum to my friends
I´m so sorry for canceling.
Stay, please stay.
Track Name: A demon´s head
I often fear the dream ahead, rising
A demon´s head´s been at night through my life

In dreams you can´t shut off your eyes

It punctures me back to life, gasping
In ancient times dreams were signs sent from gods

In dreams you can´t shut off your eyes

Oh wicked face I see you
I see
Track Name: Strum thy bones and sky [bonus]
Rise up and breathe, inhale the change
Breathe out and begin - start the new
And don´t you cling to what has been
You have plucked the worried string far too long
You´re born again - a sparkling child
Strum thy bones and sky

Holy me, oh my - you´re fabulous and strong and…
don´t you fear the altitude
It´s just long since you have flown

I´m holding you
You´re fabulous
I´m holding you
You´re fabulous